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  • Megalis 10mg Tadalafil Tablet


    Megalis 10mg Tablet Tadalafil 10mg Detail

    Megalis 10mg tablet is used to treatment of erectile dysfunction. Which contains Tadalafil 10mg. However, there is one more variant : Tadaladil 25mg named Megalis 25mg. If someone needed more strength in this medicine then they can buy Megalish 25mg. Megalish 25mg is also available at Moreover, this medicine is manufactured by Macleods Pharma Ltd. There are 4 tablets in one pack. each tablets contains tadalafil 10mg. As mention above detail of product, you can see the picture of Megalis 10mg.


    More Specification

    Brand Name – Megalis 10mg

    Generic Name – Tadalafil 10mg

    Strength – 10 mg

    Packing Type – 4 tablets in 1 pack

    Shelf Life – 36 months